Friday, March 21, 2008

"Africa is the Hottest Ticket in Town"

Well, there you go! I just heard on the Today Show (my window into the world as a new mom) that "Africa is the Hottest Ticket in Town!" Of course, they were referring to visiting a safari. But I think a hospital in Soddo, Ethiopia will be even better.

I just thought that would be a fun thing to blog about this morning.

Easter pictures of Nathan coming soon. And my dad is visiting this weekend, so maybe we will get some more award winning shots too!

May everyone have a great Easter and remember the Joy in the Resurrection of Christ!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time with Friends

On our trip to Austin we met up with a lot of my (Becca's) college friends.
This Nathan's newest friend, Malachi. He is 2 months older than Nathan. They were already talking to each other and Malachi was holding Nathan's hand.

Angela, Halim and Malachi

It was fun to watch them together.

Cole and Rilyn

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dr. Gray

This is a picture of Nathan in his baby Scrubs. We took this on January 30th, to celebrate Paul passing his surgical oral boards! As you can see, Nathan was busy at work as his scrubs are all spit-uppy. I can't believe how tiny he looks in this picture.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Road Trip!

We took Nathan to the Austin area this past week. He met his Great Gramps and Aunt and Uncle Seifert and Second Cousin Alex. We also hung out with many of Becca's college friends and their families. See pictures below:

Nathan was so happy with Great Gramps (Becca's mom's dad - Vern ).
He could have stayed in his arms all day!

Great Gramps and Becca with Nathan

This is Nancy Lee calming Nathan during his transition from happy time to nap time.

Nathan has been very snuggly lately.

Nathan and Great Uncle Jay

Nathan and Great Aunt Melinda

Nathan and Second cousin Alex

That is the first half of our trip. I will add more tomorrow. I promise Paul was there too, he just hasn't shown up in the pics yet.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Time!

Nathan has learned to have Happy Time! Usually after burping he spends some time in the bouncy chair looking at a singing mobile and then we have kicking time on his activity blanket. He smiles a lot and is so cute, as you can see. These are just a few of his cute faces. He has also started talking to me, we have been discussing the economy and the upcoming election. Just kidding, he just oohs and ahhs.
~becca (a proud momma)

p.s. He is sleeping at least 7 hours in a row at night! Which makes Happy Time for all of us.